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Taiwan Nutritional Consensus on the Nutrition Management for Gastric Cancer Patients Receiving Gastrectomy

原文:2021年 发布于 Journal of the Formosan Medical Association 120卷 第(1 Pt 1)期 25-33 浏览量:416 原文链接

作者: Gastroenterological Society of Taiwan

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Currently, consensus reports on the nutritional management for gastric cancer patients receiving gastric resection are lacking. The Gastroenterological Society of Taiwan therefore organized the Taiwan Gastric Cancer Nutritional Consensus Team to provide an overview of evidence and recommendations on nutritional support for gastric cancer patients undergoing gastrectomy. This consensus statement on the nutritional support for gastric cancer patients has two major sections:(1)perioperative nutritional support; and (2)long-term postoperative nutritional care. Thirty Taiwan medical experts conducted a consensus conference, by a modified Delphi process, to modify the draft statements. The key statements included that preoperative nutritional status affects the incidence of operative complications and disease-specific survival in gastric cancer patients undergoing gastrectomy. Following gastrectomy, both early oral and enteral tube feeding can result in a shorter stay than total parenteral nutrition. Compared to late oral feeding, early oral feeding can reduce hospital stay in gastric cancer patients receiving gastrectomy without an increase in complication rate. Routine supplementation with vitamin B12 is indicated for gastric cancer patients undergoing a total gastrectomy. Both high-dose oral vitamin B12 supplementation and intram