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Natura Non Facit Saltus: a Phase 2 Proposal to Manage Brain Tumors Cases from the Neuro-oncology Section of the Italian Society of Neurosurgery (SINch®)

原文:2021年 发布于 J Neurosurg Sci 65卷 第1期 1-7 浏览量:458 原文链接

作者: Neuro-oncology Section of the Italian Society of Neurosurgery

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关键词: Brain Tumors Management Guideline


The Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has fast spread throughout the world in more than 200 countries, resulting in the need for a de-prioritization of elective medical care to face the demands of the global health crisis. Although the acute and catastrophic phase of the pandemic seems to have been left behind, it is also clear that the virus will not disappear soon, and we must live with it for a period of unpredictable length, the COVID-19 era. In this setting, a common coordinated approach to treat patients harboring brain tumors is urgently required to guarantee the best updated oncological care and to reduce the risk of viral infection during hospitalization. The study group on Neuro-oncology of Italian Society of Neurosurgery, SINCh gathered pieces of evidence and data and would like to suggest a practice protocol of care for neurosurgical oncologic procedures in the COVID-19 era. The present document aimed at summarizing current evidence and expert opinions to help neurosurgeons in taking decisions on their patients harboring different brain tumors.