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SEOM Clinical Guidelines on Nutrition in Cancer Patients (2018)

原文:2019年 发布于 Clin Transl Oncol 21卷 第1期 87-93 浏览量:442 原文链接

作者: Spanish Society of Medical Oncology

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关键词: Cancer Guideline Nutrition Nutritional Assessment


Nutritional deficiency is a common medical problem that affects 15-40% of cancer patients. It negatively impacts their quality of life and can compromise treatment completion. Oncological therapies, such as surgery, radiation therapy, and drug therapies are improving survival rates. However, all these treatments can play a role in the development of malnutrition and/or metabolic alterations in cancer patients, induced by the tumor or by its treatment. Nutritional assessment of cancer patients is necessary at the time of diagnosis and throughout treatment, so as to detect nutritional deficiencies. The Patient-Generated Subjective Global Assessment method is the most widely used tool that also evaluates nutritional requirements. In this guideline, we will review the indications of nutritional interventions as well as artificial nutrition in general and according to the type of treatment (radiotherapy, surgery, or systemic therapy), or palliative care. Likewise, pharmacological agents and pharmaconutrients will be reviewed in addition to the role of regular physical activity.