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Glioblastoma Treatment Guidelines: Consensus by the Spanish Society of Neurosurgery Tumor Section

原文:2020年 发布于 Neurocirugia (Astur) 31卷 第6期 289-298 浏览量:401 原文链接

Introduction: Glioblastoma (GBM) treatment starts in most patients with surgery, either resection surgery or biopsy, to reach a histology diagnose. Multidisciplinar team, including specialists in brain tumors diagnose and treatment, must make an individualize assessment to get the maximum benefit of the available treatments.

Material and methods: Experts in each GBM treatment field have briefly described it based in their experience and the reviewed of the literature.

Results: Each area has been summarized and the consensus of the brain tumor group has been included at the end.

Conclusions: GBM are aggressive tumors with a dismal prognosis, however accurate treatments can improve overall survival and quality of life. Neurosurgeons must know treatment options, indications and risks to participate actively in the decision making and to offer the best surgical treatment in every case.